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Thursday, August 21, 2014

My Final Post

Hey Everyone,

As the title implies this will be my final post to the blog. I know this is going to make many of you sad but I hope you will understand my feelings.

I started this blog for two main reasons the first was to be kind of a way for me to write out my feelings after I began this new way of life with Bob. Especially after I had found our what he had done to get his desires filled by gong behind my back in the beginning. Needless to say this did hurt me very much as I've expressed in my earliest writings. So this blog I guess gave me a place to vent those feelings and thus help me to come to grips with what happened. Sort of an outlet for me to let things go and move on to a healthy relationship with Bob again. I got a lot of feedback from many of you and it helped me to understand this lifestyle better. I wanted to make sure I was filling his needs so this wouldn't happen again. And by doing this I've benefited as well by him becoming a better husband and more in tune to my needs as well. At first it was strange to me but as Bob and I had many discussions over the course of starting this and also feedback from all of you as well things finally got to the point of feeling normal.

The second reason I started this blog was to hopefully educate others about this and how strong the feelings are for people who want this lifestyle. And hopefully help them to understand their partners need before they went and sought it somewhere else like what happened to me. And I feel as though I've accomplished that in some small part.

I never started this blog as an entertainment tool and I feel like that is what it has become. I feel like I've covered how we've come along and how this lifestyle works for us now as well as the dynamics of how this lifestyle works for us and can work for others. Although I think everyone needs to come up with their own rules for themselves because we are all different. And what has worked for us may not work for others. It's not a cookie cutter type of lifestyle it takes a lot of trust and communication between partners for it to be effective. And we have actually reached the point that I haven't had to punish Bob in several months now.

It's for that reason there really hasn't been any new post. And as I said I've done some thinking on my own these past few months and I feel at this point in time writing about every spanking I have to give Bob is just sharing our lives for the entertainment of others. Not that there is anything wrong with that and there are plenty of blogs that do this very well. But as I said that was never my purpose for this blog and so I've come to realization that's the direction this blog has been heading.

So I've decided since I don't feel any need to express my feelings anymore since I'm over the hurt from what happened with Dee. And also I feel I've covered all the aspects I know about this lifestyle to help educate others then I've accomplished everything I set out to do. So I hope you can understand this and respect my decision to keep our life to ourselves from here on out. Nothing is going to change for us and we will continue to learn and grow as a couple, it's just I won't be sharing things about us on the blog anymore.

I wish everyone the best and hope you find what you want in life as well like Bob and I have. And again I'm sorry for the bad news I know this is going to be a let down to a lot of you but I hope you can understand my feelings as well.

It's been an educational time for me and hopefully you as well. I've made many new online friends and I cherish that. Again I wish everyone the best!!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

A Quick Update

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to write a quick update and let everyone know that it has been a little over three weeks now since Bob has had a cigarette.  He is doing very well and says the cravings aren't totally gone but it is getting easier.

In case you were wondering I did have to break out the cane as I mentioned in  my last post but only once. It was about four or five days after I posted the last post and at first I thought about not giving him a caning. He came home that day and I asked him how his day went and apparently he had had a pretty rough day at work. Of course my next question was if he had smoked that day. Well he didn't answer right away which I know is the first sign with him something's up.

He proceeded to tell me that he was having a really rough day and one of his coworkers and him went out to lunch. Once off company property his coworker lit up. He said he tried to resist but since it was such a rough day he asked if he could just have a little drag off his cigarette. He said his friend offered him a whole cigarette but he told him he just needed a couple of puffs to take the edge off. He swore up and down to me that's all it was, just a couple of puffs. As I said he can't lie to me so after asking him if that was all it was and he told me again it was I was convinced he was telling the truth.

 So at first I was thinking well it was just a couple of puffs so I guess I could let it go. Again I was thinking this I didn't say it out loud. I finally asked him how he felt about it and he said he felt terrible. I said well did it make your day go better and again he replied it didn't. I told him to go take a shower and by the time he got out we'd (Amy and I) would have dinner ready and we could talk about it some more.

This gave me time to think and also discuss it with Amy and get her advice on what I should do. She is my sister and I value her opinion after all. Well we both decided that even though it wasn't a whole cigarette it was still smoking and needed to be dealt with. Our reasoning was that if I let it go this time I might come across as soft and not serious about helping him quit.

So we ate dinner and he was being pretty quiet so I said honey don't mope around all night and I guess your wondering if your going to get punished. He said he was so I told him that when I said I would cane him next time I wasn't kidding about that. He begged and pleaded and again reminded me that it was just a couple of puffs. I said I know but those couple of puffs could easily ruin all your efforts up to this point. I said it's like a recovering alcoholic taking a drink. He actually did agree and admit that those couple of puffs made him want more. I said well lets enjoy dinner and have a pleasant evening and we'll deal with this at bedtime.

So we finished dinner and watched a movie until everyone was ready for bed. We said goodnight to Amy and retired to our bedroom. Bob stripped down to his underwear which is how he sleeps. I stripped down to my panties and put on my nightshirt and then got the cane out of my closet. I told him to bend over the end of the bed and drop his underwear.

He did as I asked but asked me if I was going to give him ten or just a couple since he just had a couple of puffs. I quickly informed him that smoking was smoking whether it was a whole cigarette or just a coup;e of puffs so he was getting ten as promised. I said if I were you I would not put myself in a situation again by going to lunch with a friend who you know is going to smoke. I said that way you won;t be tempted. I said I sure would hate to have to put fresh stripes on top of old ones but I will if necessary.

I asked if he was ready and he said yes ma'am in a meek voice and tried his best to brace himself. I took up my position and delivered the first stroke which got an immediate reaction with a little jump and moan from him. I waited until I saw the little whelp come up and delivered number two. This one got a louder yelp out of him. Again I waited till the skin raised up a nice pink line and gave him number three. This time I got an all out yell of pain and the begging me to stop he'd learned his lesson began. I of course ignored those pleas and told him he knew he was getting ten so there's no sense in begging. I continued on slow and methodical until we got to ten. By the time it was over he was visibly shaking and had tears in his eyes and had made a big wet spot on the pillow he'd buried his face in from slobber.

I helped him up and held him till he settled down and told him I loved him and hated to do this but he needs to understand he needs to stop and not cheat by just taking a couple of puffs. He said he understood and thanked me for caring enough to help him and again told me he was sorry. I said I forgive you and to remember how good it's going to be once he's quit. I said hopefully this little caning tonight will help remind you for a few days. He said it definitely would and he gave me a hug and told me how lucky he is to have such a wonderful wife. I told him he was a great husband as well and I was proud of him for really trying to quit. I said I really hope this is the last caning I give you for smoking because I would much rather give you a big reward for quitting. He agreed  reward would be much more enjoyable.

And as I said in the beginning of this post so far it's been a little over three weeks since that night he got caned and he has not smoked since. So I'm hoping he keeps it up which I think he will. I'm thinking if he goes two months without smoking I'm going to have to think of something as a big reward to celebrate it. So let's hope I can think of something and write about his reward sometime in the future.

Hope everyone is doing well and hopefully spring is finally here to stay. I've had enough cold weather to last me for awhile after this winter!!!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Little Help

Hey Everyone,

Hope everyone is doing well and just to let you know the new job is going well just very time consuming. It does seem to be getting easier as time passes and I think I'm on the downhill side of the learning curve now.

Bob has been exceptionally well with his behavior so other than the lack of time there really hasn't been anything new to write about. He has asked for and received a couple of his special spankings since my last post but since I already wrote about what those are like in a previous post there's no need to be repetative.

And this post is not about his behavior but more as the title suggest some much needed help from me to quit a nasty habit. Bob is a tobacco user and has tried to quit on several occasions unsuccessfully on several occasions. Now let me say that while I have agreed to help him with his behavior areas such as this or overeating I don't feel like I should get involved with unless it starts effecting me in some way. I feel he knows how to take care of himself and knows what to do and not to do. And that really a person has to want to really do something for it to be successful. Making them do something I don't feel has as good as results. But again this is just my opinion and you may agree or disagree.

Now of course if he ask for my help then that would be a completely different story and I would take that as a sign of him wanting to and feeling like he just can't do it on his own. But as for this particular case I stepped in without being asked by him first.

The reason being is that they passed a no tobacco policy at his work that went into effect March 1st. He had told me that would be a good way for him to finally quit. However after March 1st I saw he was still using tobacco and so I asked him about what he did at work. I said if you can keep from doing it at work then you should also be able to stop using it at home. He said well I haven't exactly quit using it at work but I have cut back and am making progress. I said well if your still doing it at work then why did they even pass a no tobacco policy if they're not going to enforce it.

He proceeded to tell me that oh they are enforcing it and that if they catch you using tobacco then you immediately get wrote up for it. And after three times you can be fired. I looked at him and said and your telling me you still are doing it knowing what the consequences are. He said yes but the key statement in that is that is what happens if you get caught so he is just careful not to get caught.

Well you should know me by now and realized that that remark pissed me off a little bit. As I said I feel like this is something he needs to do on his own but now knowing the stakes and the fact that he could lose his job it is now effecting me as well. I got real quite and he looked at me and asked if he was in trouble. I said no but I am upset knowing your taking chances like that with your job. I said I'm not going to spank you since you've been honest with me about this but I do think I need to give you some help to quit.

He asked what I was planning I'm sure knowing it wasn't going to be enjoyable. I said well I'm thinking along the lines of for every time you use tobacco I will give you ten very hard strokes bare bottomed with my strap. So if you say do it three times throughout the day then that's thirty strokes. At that point he got real quite and so I finally asked if the cat had his tongue. He said no but didn't I think that was a little harsh to start out and that I should give him a little bit of a chance to do this on his own. I said well it is now almost the middle of the month and the new policy started on the first of the month so he's had a chance already to do it on his own. That plus the fact that I now know the consequences it's time I stepped in starting that day.

Well that day (Sunday) I took his tobacco away from him and he didn't get to do any the rest of the day. But come Monday morning he had some at work so he did partake in it. When I got home Monday evening the first thing I asked him was if he had used any tobacco that day. He said he did but it was just about 3 or 4 times throughout the day. I said was it three or was it four because I need to know how many strokes he has coming. I said and don't lie to me or it's going to be much worse. He finally admitted four times but he was really trying.

I said well after this I bet you try harder tomorrow and grabbed him by the arm and led him back to the bedroom. He was begging me to please not be to hard on him because it's not easy to just quit. I said I understand and that's why my punishment shouldn't be easy either. I siad if I'm going to have success in helping you quit then I need to make an impression.

I had him strip from the waist down and I laid a couple of pillows on the bed and told him to get over them. He complied but was shaking and very nervous from the start. I went full force from the start and by the third or fourth stroke had him screaming in agony and begging me to stop. I of course told him he knew what I'd told him and that he was getting all forty strokes. I divided them into groups of ten and by the time we were finished he was a blubbering mess.

The second day he didn't use any tobacco but by the third day he said he did once that day just to take the edge off. Of course once I found out I took him back to the bedroom again and applied ten more hard strokes to an already very sore and bruised bottom. And because of his tender bottom I got almost the same results as I did with the first forty a couple of days earlier.

He has now gone three days without using any tobacco and I also told him to help keep him on track I was going to up the stakes a little bit. He asked what I meant and I said well right now with a sore bruised bottom it's probably a little easier not to slip up and use tobacco. But I don't want you slipping up in a few days when the pain subsides. So if you do happen to start back up or if you feel tempted to use it then next time same rules apply only I'm going to use the cane instead of the strap. He hates the cane the worst out of all  my implements and with good reason. So for now he has stopped and it only took two sessions with my strap to motivate him to quit. And only time will tell if he stops for good but if not the cane is ready and waiting.


Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Update Sooner Than I Thought

Hey Everyone,

I really didn't think I would be posting again this soon but low and behold Bob did something that I feel is worthy of me taking the time to write about.

As I said in my last post I wasn't going to change anything in our relationship and still did plan on giving him a good spanking when needed just that they were becoming less frequent and that I wouldn't have time to write about every one in detail. But what he did a couple of weeks ago I feel was definitely worthy of a post. Yes I'm busy and as I said it was a couple of weeks ago and I'm just now getting time to write about it.

It happened over the weekend and we had gone out of state to attend an awards banquet for one of my niece's. We got a room at the hotel the banquet was at and spent the night there after the banquet. It was Amy, mom Bob and I that went. Well we got there in the afternoon a few hours before the banqiet started and got checked into the rooms. Amy and mom stayed in one room while Bob and I had another room that was adjoining. It was a nice hotel and I won't mention the name here but it has Suite's at the end of it. The rooms were very nice and we opened the doors between the two rooms so we could walk back and forth between the rooms.

Anyways we got unpacked and got ourselves dressed and ready for the banquet which as I said was being held in one of the ballrooms. This particular hotel has a happy hour from 5 to 7:30 with free drinks and snacks. We hadn't eaten since breakfast and we were hungry so we went down and took advantage of this happy hour. It was great just enough to hold us over until the awards banquet where we got a full meal. Bob drank a couple of beers and Amy and I had a glass of wine.

We got into the banquet and had a good meal and once all the awards were handed out they had a DJ and a dance floor and so it turned into kind of a party afterwards. There were lots of kids on the dance floor so not really much room for adults.

Well while Amy, mom and I were having a good time watching the kids dance and visiting with my sister-in-law and her family Bob and my brother were getting kind of bored. So my brother suggested to Bob that the two of them go to the bar in the hotel lobby. Bob did look at me and ask me if I would mind which at least he knows he better ask me first now. I told him that was fine but not to drink to much. He promised he wouldn't and that him and my brother were just wanting to get somewhere a little quieter so they could visit.

Well the party wound down about an hour or so later and so my sister-in-law and me went to the bar while mom and Amy headed up to the room. Amy and I planned on coming back down to the bar with Bob later for a little nightcap before heading to bed. But when we got to the bar to gather our husbands my brother was in the restroom and Bob was sitting there talking to three young ladies. At first it was no big deal to me but then he saw us and got up and walked over to us. He told my sister-in-law that my brother was in the bathroom and should be right out. I asked him who the girls were and he said he didn't know they were just there at the bar. I said what were you talking to them about. He said oh we were just talking about football. He seemed real relaxed about it and didn't seem to be lying to me so I wasn't really concerned. I did notice however that the girls seemed to be glaring at him as if they were upset or mad which definitely peeked my curiosity.

We said goodbye to my brother and his wife and my niece and then I told Bob Amy had taken mom up to the room but we planned to come back down for a drink. I said you can wait for us here if you want but he said he would go up to the room with us. And the whole time these girls kept glaring in his direction. So finally I couldn't take it anymore and I walked over to them and asked if Bob had said or done something to upset them. I said he better not have been flirting with them. They explained it was nothing like that and that he was just being a real jerk making fun of their school. They said he was really trashing out their football team to the point of being rude to them. I apologized and told them I would definitely have a talk with him about it.

I went back to Bob and he was looking a little mortified at this point probably from the look of anger on my face. I just simply grabbed him by the arm and led him out of the bar and up to the room. When we got to the room we went in and Amy poked her head through the adjoining door and said she was ready whenever we were to go down to the bar. I told her I had something I needed to take care of first. Now Amy knew exactly what I was talking about and said alright I'll be right here when your done.

I took Bob into the bedroom and closed the door and told him to start explaining. He said we were just talking about football I swear I wasn't flirting with them. I said well how much have you drank already and he said it was just a couple of beers. I could tell he wasn't drunk but obviously he'd had enough to get a little cocky. I said alright tell me from the start what happened because you obviously upset those poor young ladies with whatever you said. He said it all started when this guy walked up to the bar wearing an Oklahoma State jacket and Bob told him he wished they would have won their bowl game. He said he was hoping for an SEC sweep because in his opinion the SEC was way over rated and he was tired of hearing about them. Bob and I are huge Oklahoma fans so we were thrilled when they beat Alabama. He said after he said this to the guy the three girls who were within earshot kind of gave him a dirty look.

So to make a long story short he asked them if they like the SEC and they said well of course our team is in it. I forgot to mention we were in Arkansas so the girls went to the University there. He asked them who their team was and they said well obviously since your here it's Arkansas. He said he started laughing at them and asked if they even still had a football team since he hasn't heard anything about them lately. He said he guesses he got a little carried away with the trash talk about their school and their whole conference in general but it was all in fun. I said well obviously they felt you were very rude and to me it sounds as if you were not only rude but disrespectful to them. I said I bet you wouldn't have done that to three guys because you'd be afraid of getting your butt kicked. I said but just because it was three girls you should still show the same respect. He said I was right and that he was sorry.

I said well you know how I feel about disrespecting people so go ahead and get you pants and underwear off because your getting a spanking. He begged me not to do it now and not there. He said we're in a hotel and others might hear it. And besides Amy and mom were right there in their room and the adjoining door was open so they could hear everything. I said like Amy's never heard or seen you get spanked before. He said yea but with your mom it's embarrassing. I said well if I recall it wasn't that long ago she gave you a good spanking so I don't think she'll mind. And of course she didn't mind but for him it's still a huge embarrassment factor to having mom know.

I told him it was not negotiable and that I wasn't going to ask again so he better get his pants and underwear off. This time he complied because he knows what would happen if he didn't. I proceeded to give him a good spanking with my little paddle I always take with me when traveling.

 He tried to be stoic at first and not make much noise because of others hearing I guess. But that didn't last to long before he was begging me to stop and squirming around on my lap on the bed. Once I felt like he'd learned his lesson I stopped and let him up. He wasn't all out crying but his eyes did have tears in them and his butt was a dark shade of red. I told him to go wash his face and then come back to the bedroom. He did and when he returned I was holding a cute pair of panties for him to put on.

I said you know if you disrespect women then your going to have to wear panties for a few days as a reminder to treat them as you want to be treated. This way it's a constant reminder for you they deserve respect as well. He didn't argue anymore but he wasn't to thrilled about it either. He slipped them on and then I told him to put his jeans back on. He finished getting dressed and we came out of the bedroom and I told Amy we were done whenever she was ready to go. Bob was red with embarrassment as Amy came into our room with mom tagging behind. Mom asked him if he learned his lesson and he said yes he had. She said I don't know what you did but it sounded like I taught my daughter well. Bob just said yes ma'am you did but was beet red and staring at the floor.

He said if it was alright he just wanted to stay in the room and watch television instead of going back to the bar. I said oh don't worry your not going down there to stay with us but you are going down there long enough to see if the girls are still there and then your going to apologize to them and then you can come back to the room and put your nose in a corner till I come back up here after my drink. I said I'm sure mom won't mind keeping an eye on you and making sure you keep your nose planted firmly in the corner till I come back. Mom said that was no problem at all.

So we left the room and of course I told Amy Bob was in panties which embarrassed him again. She said well I've got to know what happened so you can tell me all about it over our drink. Once we got to the lobby I practically had to drag Bob along to the bar. We walked in and the three girls were still there. So I marched him right over to them and said I believe my husband has something he would like to say to you. He was very embarrassed but he did manage to get out a very sincere apology to them. You could tell they were eating this up having this guy old enough to be their dad being made to say he was sorry for his actions by his wife.

They accepted his apology and .said to be honest we were happy to see you guys beat Alabama. She said everyone in the SEC is tired of seeing them win all the games. I then told him he could go back up to the room and I would be up in a little while. He left embarrassed and humbled but he had learned his lesson. The girls asked if Amy and I would like to sit with them for our drink and we accepted. Of course they wanted to know what I had said to him to make such a change in his behavior. I just told them I have my ways and they said well they seem to work.

They talked about how some guys can be such jerks and be disrespectful. They told me Bob though seemed like a really nice man and they figured he'd just had a little to much to drink. They kept pressing on what I had said to change his attitude so quickly and so even though I would not normally share this with just anyone I told them I let my paddle do the talking. I mean I figured I'm never going to see these girls again so what's the harm in telling them how to get a man under control. I said if they act like a child then treat them as such.

So I'm sure they will have plenty to talk about with all of their college girlfriends and get a good laugh over this for years to come. And who knows one day they may instill these methods into their own relationships.

Amy and I finished our drink and of course the girls had collaborated what Bob had told me happened so Amy got filled in as well why he got spanked. We went back to the room and mom was reading her book and Bob was dutifully standing with his nose in the corner. I let him out and mom said he'd been quiet and a perfect gentleman the whole time.

We all went to bed and of course I put Bob's tongue to work so that I could have a little fun before going to sleep. I mean we were on a little mini vacation and to bad for him he had gotten himself pantied so no relief for him.

The next morning we went to my brothers house for breakfast before leaving to come back home. I made Bob stay in panties till Wed. of that following week so that was four full days in them. And of course all of my rules go along with that. So I think he learned his lesson and hasn't been any trouble since.

Don't know when I'll post again but as I said in my last post if I feel like he's done something that is worthy of posting about then I will.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Taking A Break

Hey Everyone,

As the title says I'm afraid I'm going to be taking a break for awhile. I have given this much thought and it was not an easy decision. But due to time constraints and given the fact that I've been promoted at work and along with that comes more hours I'm afraid the time I have to blog will suffer as well.

I have really enjoyed writing my blog and as I said this has not been an easy decision for me to make. I'm not going to shut the blog down or anything that drastic just not going to be able to update it as often as I have been. That along with the fact that I think after more than a year of some serious spankings Bob has learned that they are not as enjoyable as they were in his fantasies. Don't get me wrong the thought still very much excites him but the reality of them is overbearing his fantasy thoughts now. In fact in the last several months he hasn't even had an erection when I'm about to lay into his backside knowing full well what to expect now. And because of that his spankings are getting fewer and farther between which leaves me no new material to write about. Sure he has the occasional slip up like the last one he got for lying but those don't happen very often anymore.

I don't plan to stop spanking him when he needs one and none of our arrangement has changed. I must admit that even though it took me over twenty years to finally give in to this lifestyle I must say it has worked great for us and I now have a great husband. In fact I have my friends tell me all the time how lucky I am to have such a wonderful thoughtful man. If they only knew huh? Well there are a couple that do anyways. (Kathy and Rachael). But as I just read on Julie's new post you boys shouldn't think your secret is going to be safe with family or really close friends.

Even though more of my time will be taken up at work while it may be bad for all my blog readers it does mean more income for me so it's not a bad thing. And speaking of all my readers there is really no way words can express my gratitude for all of you and your comments. But let me just say thank you for making my blog the success that it is. It has totally been way more popular than I could have thought of in my wildest dreams and I have you to thank for that.

When I started the blog I did it for a few reasons but writing it for entertainment was never supposed to be one of them. I mainly started it to hopefully educate and help other couples who were maybe struggling with whether or not to do this lifestyle. Also after finding out about Bob going to his old high school friends house to get what he felt he needed I felt really hurt. But as you know Dee and I have become really close friends now and it did make me realize how strong these desires of his were so it has eventually worked out. But at the time this blog was kind of a release for me and my emotions and helped me with the healing process after finding out about his little adventure. And as you read in my first few post I released my anger in other ways as well on his backside.

But as time went on and the popularity of my blog grew I came to understand that there were a lot of readers who read my blog for entertainment so I eventually came around to trying to cater to them as well by adding pictures and more detail to the post. I tried my best to get my feelings across while at the same time make the reader feel like they were in the room either as a spectator or maybe even putting themselves in Bob's place as the one about to get spanked. I truly hope I did accomplish this with my writing and it was actually Bob who enlightened me to this aspect since he would do the same thing on other blogs. I guess not understanding the whole thing about wanting to be spanked especially as an adult it was something that just didn't enter my mind. I still don't completely understand his desire but I do now understand how real it is for him. So at least I'm willing to give him his desire and spank him when needed with a good hard punishment spanking. And as I've said many times before while I may not fully understand it I can't deny the results I've gotten from it.

Anyways I promise if anything worthy comes up like his spanking from mom I will write a post about it. Maybe not as soon as it happens but whenever time allows. I'm just not going to be able to write about every spanking he gets anymore with the details that I have been. So here's to the next post and not to say goodbye. Thank you again for making my blog the success that it has become and I promise to post again as soon as I have something worthy to write about whenever that may be. Since I don't play out scenes and my spanking of Bob is for real offenses then I don't know when that will be I guess that's up to him.

In the meantime as I'm sure most of you already do but if not may I suggest you check out Julie's blog "" for very entertaining reading. She is in my opinion the undisputed Queen of Kink" and runs david through the paces. Both for real and also role play. So if you haven't checked out her blog then please do so you won't be disappointed.

One last time thank you for making my blog such a success and I truly appreciate you all more than you know. And I hope that I've been able to help a few couples out there along the way. So till next time may you all get your desires met.

As a bonus and because I do feel bad for having to slow down on the blog I've decided to add a couple of more pictures of Amy and I that Bob took last summer while we were checking out a race that we are thinking of doing this year. Sorry for reason's of anonymity I won't show our faces but they are clearer pictures than the ones I previously posted of us. So I hope you enjoy them !!!

This is me although now that
I look at it I think my butt looks
big in this picture.

And here is Amy.
The stance she's in almost makes you
think your about to get a spanking huh.


Friday, December 20, 2013

The Issue With Lying

Hey Everyone,

I guess by now many of you are wondering how I decided to deal with Bob about his issue with lying when he lied to mom a couple of weeks ago about his little duties behind her shed.

As I think I previously stated I felt like mom had taught him a good enough lesson about peeing in her yard and also about what happens when he lies to her. So I didn't feel it necessary to punish him any further for what he did that day than what she'd already given him.

But the issue I had was the fact that he would lie to her in the first place. As you know I've been over this with him on more than one occasion and he should know better than to lie in the first place. So I told him this is something we needed to discuss later when I had more time. Well you should know by now that I wasn't going to wait to long. I believe in handling things as soon as possible so that's exactly what I did today.

We all sat down in the family room Amy, Bob and I. Of course I did all the talking other than when he had to answer my question's. The reason for having Amy there I'll explain in a bit. I simply asked him what on earth would come over him to think it was alright to lie to mom or anyone else for that matter. I said have we not been over this time and time again. He said yes we have but at the time he was embarrassed to tell the truth about what he was doing behind the shed. I said well maybe so but embarrassment is not and excuse for lying. I said not only did you lie to her once but three times when she asked what you were doing. I asked him to please give me a good explanation why he would even remotely think that was alright. He didn't have anything other than he was embarrassed and he wasn't sure how she'd react to the truth.

I said well then let me ask you another question and that is did you enjoy the reaction from her once she caught you in that lie. He said no ma'am I didn't I realized how much trouble I was in and was very sorry I'd lied to her. I said well the bottom line is I can assure you if you'd have told the truth to begin with I think you would have still got a good spanking from mom for your actions. But I don't think it would have been near as bad as what you got. I said I'm sure she would have turned your bottom a bright pink with her brush but no where near the dark red she ended up giving you. And you would not have had to apologize for lying and take the extra paddle strokes she gave you. I said I certainly know that you didn't enjoy any of that experience but it could have been over with a lot faster and easier had you not chose to lie about it.

I told him but as I said that day I think mom taught you that lesson well and hopefully next time if there is one you realize that telling the truth is the best course of action. You've come to realize it is with Amy and I and I guess now you realize that with mom as well.

I then told him the thing that bothered me the most though was the fact that he would have even lied to her in the first place. I told him as I said we've been over this more than once and obviously your not getting the point or the thought of lying to her would not have crossed your mind. I said you know what will happen if you lie to me don't you. He said yes ma'am I'll get the cane. I said that's right and when I say no lying that's not just Amy and me or now mom but that means anyone. Telling the truth means telling the truth no matter who it is. I told him if you mess up or make a mistake then lying about that only makes it worse. It's better to tell the truth and accept responsibilities for your actions. I said am I making myself perfectly clear about this? He said I was and I said I hope so because I'm tired of having to discuss this matter with you.

I then told him I was going to make sure he really got the point this time about lying to anyone is not acceptable behavior. I told him to stand up remove his pants and underwear and then bend over with his hands on the fireplace. He did as he was told and I left the room to get my cane.

I came back in and he was already in the position bare from the waist down. I told him is what I've decided to drive the point home was he was going to get twenty strokes of the cane. He immediately started begging me not for it to be twenty. As I've said before he has a huge fear of the cane and with good reason I might add. It is very wicked and I reserve it for serious punishments and it will leave welts and bruising for about a week or longer. But I told him the number of strokes is already decided and unless he wants more then don't question me again.

I told him you may wonder why I made sure Amy was here before we had this discussion. I said for one the last time I had to deal with you about lying it was her you lied to so she is no stranger to this problem. I said and secondly since twenty strokes is a pretty significant number of strokes I wanted to even it out. I told him when I've used the cane in the past I've noticed his right butt cheek always takes the brunt of the damage since that is where the tip of the cane whips in. And since Amy is left handed as to where I'm right handed I figured I would give you ten standing on your left side and then Amy could give you ten standing on your right side. This way it will even things out and not make just one side take the brunt of it.

He became a little worried at this point and asked if Amy knew how to use a cane. I said of course she does I've showed her and she's gotten just as good as me by practicing over the last few months. You see I'd hoped not but I felt if a situation ever came about to where the cane needed to be used and I wasn't home then I wanted Amy to know how to properly wield it just as Dee taught me.

I told him rather than waste any more time let's get started because he had one more thing to come after this. He said you mean there's going to be more? I said yes as I said I want to make sure I really drive the point home this time about lying. I said but don't worry it doesn't involve spanking but we'll discuss it once we're done here.
Gives you an idea of the scene.
Except it was a cane and not a paddle and there
was no spanking bench. Just him bent over with hands
on the fireplace.

So I took up my position and got started and he was howling from the first stroke. Once I got to ten I handed the cane to Amy and she proceeded to do her ten from his left side. And just as I had hoped there were nice even marks across both butt cheeks. Of course by this time he was shaking all over and kind of a blubbering mess. I'm proud to say he stayed bent over for the most part and never grabbed his bottom although his hands did wave around out to his side after each stroke. Like they wanted so bad to reach back and rub the stinging but at the same time knew better. And of course his poor feet and legs were doing quite a dance.

I know this is a girl but I just wanted to illustrate the even striping.

Anyways I already had the other part set up. So I led him to the kitchen table and had him sit gingerly on the prickly front door mat. I then gave him some paper and a pen and told him he was to write out 500 times "I'm sorry for lying and I promise never to do it again". I told him I wanted twenty five lines per page and he could do front and back so one page held 50. I said I don't care how long you take but your not to get up from this table until you've finished. I said if you need to go to the bathroom then ask me and I will let you and go with you to make sure you don't dilly dally around in there.

I said you need to make sure it's neat and readable. I said when your done bring it to me and I will look it over and see if there are any pages you need to redo. Once I'm satisfied with it then your punishment is over but I hope this teaches you lying will not be tolerated. I said because if it ever happens again you can expect this same punishment only double. Forty strokes of the cane and 1,000 lines so I hope I'm making my point with you this time.

It took him a couple of hours and his hand was really cramping by the time he was done but he did finish and said he's learned his lesson well. I said I hope so because I'm very serious about what I said if it happens again. And I will keep doubling it each time he lies. He said I'd made my point and he promised me never to lie again to anyone.

So there you have it I sure hope for his sake he took this to heart this time or he's gong to be very sorry.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Thoughts


As promised by my lovely wife Dianne I'm doing as she wants and I'm going to try and express my feelings about the spanking I got from my mother-in-law. And also try to answer a question that seems to be on everyone's mind as well. And that is the question about why did I lie to her and then continue to do so.

Well I think the question is going to be the easier of those two things to try and express so I'll start with that. As you know from reading Dianne's blog I'm not really a very good lie'r. She's made the comment several times that I would suck at poker because my face and actions are a dead giveaway. But I guess in this case like it was with Amy the first time I tried lying to her about the panties that day, I guess it's a natural instinct to at least try and see if you can pull it off. I mean come on we've all told some lies in our lifetime to try and avoid something. Amy did drop the ball about her knowing I was lying a lot faster than my mother-in-law did and I guess since she was already living here and was already well integrated into our discipline arrangement I knew I was in for it so I didn't push it and try to keep the lie going. I mean once your caught in the lie then there's no place to go from there. You just have to accept whatever is coming to you and then regret doing it once that happens.

But in the case of my mother-in-law I really didn't think she had any idea what I was doing behind the shed and she was really not giving me any indication that she knew. I guess she was giving me a chance to come clean with her. I really didn't think that much about doing what I did (peeing behind the shed) as it sounds like a lot of you guys understand. I simply just didn't want to go through the trouble of taking off my shoes so I could go inside to use the restroom. It just seemed more convenient at the time to just go behind the shed and take care of it and then get back to work finishing the driveway. I never really thought about the neighbor seeing me and as Dianne mentioned I've done it at home several times without anything coming of it. But I guess that is over with now as well. I understand her point and she's right there is that risk of getting seen and offending someone to the point of them calling the police. I just never really thought about it that way because it's not like I was whipping it out in a public park or anything. But now I know even when you think your being discreet just as I did at my mother-in-laws there's always that slim chance of getting caught.

Anyway back to why I lied to her about what I was doing. As I said I had no idea she knew what I was doing back there and I just thought she had seen me come from behind the shed and was just curious. And the fact is I was really to embarrassed to tell her the truth. As I said I thought I'd been discreet about it. So I didn't want to say "Oh I was just back there taking a leak in your yard". I mean not only would that be embarrassing and discreet goes right out the window at that point. But I also wasn't sure how she would react to that.

I did notice when I came in to let her know I was done with the driveway that her mood was different especially when she told me to sit down because she needed to talk to me. It was a side of her I'd really never seen before as she's always treated me like a king so to speak. I mean she's always praising me and telling me what a great guy I am. So to see this side of her that I was seeing that day was something totally new to me. And I really wasn't sure what was going on. I could tell she was very serious when she said we needed to talk but I had no clue about what the subject was. I was thinking I hope she's not sick or something is really wrong with her or someone else. So when the first thing out of her mouth when she sat down was "what were you doing behind the shed" it caught me completely off guard. Now I guess by her serious mood I should have figured out she must know something but I really knew there was no way she could have seen me behind that shed. So I said I was just looking around. I know I shouldn't have lied and she asked me at least 3 times what I was doing back there but I was just to embarrassed to tell the truth. In hind sight that was a huge mistake but as I said I'd never seen this side of my mother-in-law before and was kind of reeling trying to figure out what was happening.

Then when she said lying wasn't acceptable and I was going to find out just like her girls did growing up with a good hard spanking. And then told me about the phone call and she knew I was lying and she would see if I was willing to tell the truth after a hard spanking I'll have to admit this sent my head spinning. I'm thinking did I just hear her right and she said she;s going to spank me? At that point I did confess that what her neighbor said was true and started apologizing to her for lying. I guess thinking maybe that would do and get me out of the situation. But then she told me to take off my pants and I was just stunned and I'll have to admit I felt very childish. It was a mix of emotions for me thinking I'm an adult and yet she's making me feel like a bad little boy. As I said this was new to me as I'd never seen this side of her before. I just froze not knowing what to do or think. But then she quickly brought me out of that by saying that once she's decided a spanking is needed there's no changing that. And that I was to call her mom or ma'am starting right then until my punishment was over. Then she raised her voice and told me to get those jeans off like she asked right this minute. At this point all I could do was do what she wanted but still couldn't believe this was actually happening.

Then the walk of shame to her bedroom in my shirt underwear and socks was like a dream almost but not a good dream. Then when she told me to hand her her brush off the dresser that is when reality started really sinking in. I swear that brush felt like it weighed 5 lbs. Then the scolding standing in front of her with that brush in full sight at her side. And I'm thinking about how cold my bottom is from being out shoveling snow for the last hour. I knew at this point the spanking was inevitable so I tried one last ditch effort to postpone it till my bottom warmed up a little. Being cold just makes it feel like your being poked with a thousand needles when you get hit. But as you know she was totally ignoring my pleas.

Once the scolding was over and she reached up to pull my underwear down me knocking her hand away was kind of subconscious reaction. I was embarrassed about my mother-in-law seeing my package and also as cold as my butt was I figured a little protection is better than none at all. Then the slap to my thighs stung like the dickens and was definitely an attention getter. Then another one for calling her by name instead of mom or ma'am as I'd been instructed. So I decided at that point to just get it over with and take what was coming because I didn't want another slap to my thighs.

I won't go into detail about the actual spanking/paddling as Dianne did a pretty good job explaining it. But I will say that it hurt like the dickens and was probably one of the worst spankings I've ever received. It is nothing I ever want to repeat again. And then having to go tell the neighbor I was sorry was a very humbling experience. Again something I hope to never have to repeat.

Which brings me to my thought and that is trying to explain what Dianne eluded to at the end of her post. And that was her moms spanking being different from one of hers or Amy's. The only way I know how to put it is that it was a different mental state I was in. I was always curious growing up what it was like to be held accountable for your actions and punished. As you know from reading Dianne's blog I wasn't spanked as a child and I pretty much got away with everything. Not that mom and dad didn't believe in it but it was more a case of them being busy working and I had a lot of time to myself. So other than a few paddling's I got at school that was the extent of my childhood punishments. But hearing of other kids getting spanked at home made a curiosity develop in my mind of what would that be like. And as I got older that curiosity turned more into sexual fantasies about being spanked. I started thinking more of it as a sexual pleasure being over a good looking woman's lap than an actual punishment if that makes sense.

So with Dianne and Amy those fantasies come into play when I'm about to get spanked. They do quickly go away once the spanking starts because then all I can think about is how bad it hurts and there is nothing sexual about upsetting them and getting your butt blistered. But still the fantasy thoughts are there in the beginning.

But with my mother-in-law that simply wasn't the case. I can honestly say I got that early childhood curiosity about what would it be like filled with this spanking. Don't get me wrong I love my mother-in law to death and think the world of her. But as far as there being any sexual attraction to her there's not. She's old enough to be my mother as well and I respect her just as I would my mother and view her as such. So with her I actually did feel like a son getting in trouble and punished for it. There was absolutely no sexual aspect to it whatsoever. It was just fear embarrassment and a very painful spanking that as I said I don't want to repeat. And I think once the sexual aspect was taken out of the equation then it just became a spanking for being bad. Just like Dianne or any of her sisters got growing up. And now I can understand why those are not fond memories for her. Before I would think how exciting by relating it to my fantasies but now I realize it's anything but that if that makes sense.

I guess another example of it would be to say that with Dianne or Amy there is a sexual attraction for me. And no I'm not saying I want to have sex with Amy so don't take it that way. Just that I find her attractive is all as well as Dianne. So with that attraction comes a certain sexual element when I'm about to get spanked by either of them. Again it's just the mental fantasy and it's short lived once the spanking actually starts. But there has been a few times where Dianne would relieve sexually me before giving me a spanking and in these instances the spanking was very different and extremely painful. Again because I'd been relieved and all the sexual tension or thoughts were out of it and it was just a spanking. So that was the way it was with her mom. There was never any sexual thoughts or fantasies going into the spanking so it hurt like the dickens while I was getting spanked. As I said I guess all spankings get to this point eventually because like I stated once I'm getting spanked by Dianne or Amy the pain eventually takes over the fantasy thoughts. But in the case with her mother or the times she;s had me orgasm before a spanking those are just very painful from the start and there is no having to get the fantasy thoughts out of your mind.

I hope this makes sense as it's not easy to try and put into words. But as I said I now know what it would have been like for Dianne and so many others that were spanked growing up. And I will say I now agree with Dianne it's not a pleasant memory and not something you want to repeat. I did however learn my lesson and now will look to my mother-in-law with a whole new respect. Things haven't really changed between us but I now no longer think I can do no wrong in her eyes. I now know she's not only quite capable of giving me a good spanking but is also very willing to do so if she feels I need it. And after this spanking that thought will always be in my mind around her.

Lastly for those who were wondering why Dianne didn't punish me again once I got home. It was just a simple matter of she felt like I'd learned my lesson and believe me I had. But the one thing she did mention was the fact of me lying in the first place. She felt her mom had made her point about lying to her and she did. But Dianne said that the fact that I chose to lie in the first place is something we need to discuss further once time allows. So no I didn't get away with that as you all thought but rather I have to sit here and wonder what course of action she is going to take about that matter.